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Brendan Patrick Johnston – Αγγλικά

Περιοχή κατοικίας: Νέα Ιωνία

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Πράσινο: διαθέσιμος - Γκρι: όχι διαθέσιμος

Βασικός Τίτλος Σπουδών

Hellenic American University/Union

Τμήμα Αγγλικής Γλώσσας και Φιλολογίας

Μεταπτυχιακός Τίτλος Σπουδών

DipTransIoLET (Insitute of Linguists -Diploma in Translation - Greek to English).

Διδακτική Πείρα στα Ιδιαίτερα Μαθήματα Αγγλικών

I have over three decades experience in teaching all aspects of the English language, including English Literature, Creative Writing (for advanced students) and appreciation of Poetry. I make my lessons as entertaining and informative as possible, and no student of mine has ever complained of our work being boring or difficult to assimilate.

I am interested mostly in students who are genuinely drawn to the study of English for its own intrinsic use and application, rather than simply as yet another chore to perform in order to acquire a diploma – though, of course, diplomas will be acquired, anyway. 

I work well with all age groups, adults and children – including those who are experiencing learning difficulties such as dyslexia and adhd issues. I hasten to add that although I am not qualified in this specialised field I have more than a decade’s experience of working with students who face such challenges in their academic endeavours.

I have incorporated aspects of acting and the dramatic arts into some courses as a way to free up the students’ self-consciousness and allow them to step outside of themselves and assume a role which acts as a vehicle for easier self-expression and enhances the fluency of their speech – a methodology  that can be therapeutic for shy people, as well as a fun way to learn a language.

A most important aspect of my teaching methodology is “connectedness” –  for the isolated teaching of a subject is doomed to failure. My 20 years work in all aspects of the theatre, plus my involvement with music (as musician and composer), has taught me that the more pathways to knowledge you possess, the less likely it is that you will fail upon the road to self-actualization; rather than use the torch to highlight one area of learning, we must use the lantern approach. The lantern may give less light to a particular point of reference, but it illuminates many connected points simultaneously, thus giving a fuller meaning to what we do, and how we do it, and why we bother in the first place. 

Finally (though there is no real  “final” in education), learning is a playground for innovation and imagination. And this applies to teachers as well as students during the lesson. For the day we tire of learning is the day we cease to live fully.


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