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Πράσινο: διαθέσιμος - Γκρι: όχι διαθέσιμος

Βασικός Τίτλος Σπουδών

California Institute of Integral Studies

Τμήμα Anthropology and Social Change

Μεταπτυχιακός Τίτλος Σπουδών

Political Science

Διδακτορικός Τίτλος Σπουδών

Anthropology and Social Change

Διδακτική Πείρα στα Ιδιαίτερα Μαθήματα Αγγλικών

I am a native English speaker from the United States who has been living in Athens for several years. I hold a PhD in Social Anthropology and have published work in peer-reviewed academic journals. I have several years of experience teaching English as a second language to people of all ages. I can tailor the lessons to meet the specific needs of each student, whether the emphasis is on conversation, examination preparation, essay support, or basic grammar and vocabulary. The student is welcome to choose any learning materials they desire, or I can formulate and supply a lesson plan.


Karlin JR (2022) Battles for Socio-Spatial Hegemony in the Exilic Space of Exarcheia. Antipode 54(4):1112–1140


Karlin JR (2021) Dialogical Encounter and the Production of Exilic Space in Exarcheia. Anthropological Notebooks 27(3):83–114

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